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HS Girls Regional and Practice 2023

HS Girls Select 2023

Invite only. Those selected will receive  the link through email.

Fall league 2023

HS Boys Summer 2023

MS Boys Summer 2023

Bluegrass Bandits win another Championship!

Bluegrass Bandits

We are the premier travel lacrosse program in Lexington, Ky for BOTH boys and girls. We pride ourselves on making players better, instilling a love for the game in our players, developing relationships with each family, along with making sure EVERY player has the option to go play in college if they choose too.

We run a  no refund policy due to all costs being paid for up front for events, field rentals, supplies etc. every cost is calculated for the program to operate. In an event a player can not attend an event we need to be notified within two weeks, 14 days, to find a replacement for their spot that we are holding for them. Please sign up for events you 100% know you can attend. We can always add you to an event, but once you commit to the event you will be charged for it. 

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Bluegrass Bandits

Phone: 859-490-8557

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